OSAH Rolltop Bags


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SKU: B2002


OSAH offers an assortment of light-weight rolltop drybags to be used in conjunction with other bags to help keep your valuables clean and dry. The bags come in assorted sizes and colours. They are manufactured using ripstop and the seams are sewn and taped. 


  • IP65 rated against ingress
  • 75d Ripstop
  • Sewn and Taped Seams
  • Wide Mouth Rolltop
  • Assorted colours

Take care of your gear and it will return the favour

2 LITRE Dimensions: L 30cm x W 22cm
Volume: 2 Litres
Weight: 30 Grams

5 LITRE Dimensions: L 46cm x W 25cm
Volume: 5 Litres
Weight: 40 Grams

10 LITRE Dimensions: L 53cm x W 27cm
Volume: 10 Litres
Weight: 50 Grams

25 LITRE Dimensions: L 63cm x W 40cm
Volume: 25 Litres
Weight: 80 Grams




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