Kahawa coffee kit.


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Enjoy your caffeine fix whilst out exploring with the Kahawa ultralite anytime coffee companion.

For most outdoor aficionados freshly brewed coffee is a necessity, the compact, fold-able and reusable Kahawa replaces those bulky, cumbersome and awkward coffee makers.

Included is the new unique reusable coffee filter with the finest micro pores that ensures better coffee flavour. This eliminates the need for a disposeable paper filter. 

The micro pores are smaller than the openings in a gold coffee filter,and they let less "silt" through than a paper filter.
Kahawa filters are made from a hypo-allergenic mono-filament polyester.There are no bleaches as with some paper filters,and there are no fibers on the surface as with some cloth filters.

ATG Kahawa Coffee Filter Holder:

  • Use skewer sticks, tent pegs or sticks through the welded loops for holding the coffee holder securely in place
  • Bendable, foldable, unbreakable, weighing only 18g
  • Made from heat resistant material suitable for food
  • Paper filters sizes 1 to 4 can be used
  • Serves as a funnel.

Re-usable Micro-pore Filter:

  • Produced without adhesives or binding agents
  • New gourmet coffee filter with the finest micropores for better coffee extraction and flavour
  • Reusable - easy to wash, long life filter.
  • Filters out fine grinds, silt or sediment.
  • Can be used in most filter coffee percolator machines
  • Does not restrict Aromatic oils and flavours to filter through
  • Safe - Hypo allergenic
  • Shake Dry

IP66 rated. Water, mud, dust, sand and snow proof carry bag:

  • Protects coffee or tea from the elements, keeping them fresher for longer.
  • Inside pocket for coffee filter holder and filter.
  • Store up to 500g of coffee.

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