ATG Stretcher


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ATG Stretcher

The best travel sleeper ever made has now been improved! The ATG camp sleeper offers the most comfort when a good night sleep is of utmost importance.



  • Ingenious design: No inflation needed! Never struggle with a blow-up mattress again! Camp almost anywhere on top of rocks, roots, snow, thorns.
  • Built super tough: Ultra strong Special aircraft grade Aluminium poles. Material is a rip-stop fabric that is mold, rot and UV resistant.
  • Sail is 100% waterproof.
  • Saves space and weight. Only Packs:<3kg 45cm x 12 cm x 18cm
  • Now even easier to assemble!
  • Can even be used with torn sail or missing poles.
  • Sleeps 2cm to 5cm off the ground.
  • Made with tall people in mind as well
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Cool in summer.
  • By adding a small pad on top for the winter you will not feel any cold.

The assembled stretcher measures 1.98m long, 67cm wide and 17cm high, with a higher max carrying weight of 140kg.

Made in South Africa. Sail made from High Tenacity Nylon. This fabric is strong, durable rip stop waterproof material. It is rot, UV and mold resistant. Normal Jean material only last 100 cycles on abrasion test. This material showed no abrasion signs after 10 000 cycles.

The poles are made from a special high grade hardened aircraft grade Aluminium specially made for ATG. They poles can handle heavy loads on a constant basis.

No more waking up during the night with a mattress that’s deflated with a puncture hole or a broken valve!
No more patching or getting wet while sleeping. The sleeper can be used on uneven ground and rocky terrains to ensure a level sleep peaceful night. Use your old self inflatable mattress or close cell foam pad for added comfort on op of the ATG sleeper and upgrade your sleep from hobo bed to a 5star bed!

The Camp sleepers double as beds at home for visitors and children’s friend sleepovers.They work well for caravan campers or trailer campers where packing space is at a premium with children or grown ups.

True light weight compact minimalist type traveling can now be done with these sleepers.

The ATG sleeper can be used in a tent or under a tarpaulin or as is out in the open. With the sleeper it lifts the person off the ground away from crawling insects and water. The materials are designed to endure the abuse and wear associated with outdoor use.

Ideal for hikers, overlanders, expeditions, camping, motorcycling adventures, extreme endurance races.

Note: All outdoor products age and wear with tough use. Treat your gear with care

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