Swiss Advance Campfire Grilling Tool


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SKU: S8502


Extremely light weight and compact Swiss Advance travel and camping cutlery.

This practical cutlery is extremely light. The knife weighs just 13 and the fork 12 grams. The special hollow cut of the blade keeps it sharp for a very long time. Your luggage stays clean. Fork and blade are made of stainless spring steel. It’s dishwasher safe.

• Measures handle 95 x 18 x 6 mm
• Measures blade 90 x 15 mm (total)
• Measures fork 90 x 15 mm (total)
• Weight knife 0,013 kg
• Weight fork 0,012 kg
• Material PCTG, Stainless steel feather
• Origin Switzerland, Germany (spring steel)

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