Stress Relief - Off-Road Outride on KTM 790 Adventure R

Riding the KTM 790 Adventure R where she excels. Joined by 2 others on an old school KLR 600 (yes you read that right) and a Gen 2 KLR 650.

3 Techniques To Look Pro On Your Next Off Road Ride! For Adventure Riders. On a KTM 790 Adventure R

In this video, I will be sharing 3 tips and solutions to immediately improve your adventure off road riding. Next time you experience one of these issues, use these techniques, tips and solutions to help you.

ABS when off road = BAD!!! Conclusive Proof using KTM 790 adventure R

Believing myths regarding your off road riding can be very dangerous. It can get you seriously hurt or killed. The back brake only, off road myth is still prevalent and highly dangerous. In this video, we show proof of how dangerous it can be if you have to suddenly stop.

Stress Relief - Off-Road Outride ktm 790 adventure - Cinematic

Entertaining ride on the KTM 790 Adventure R. I believe it to be the best do-it-all bike in the world for my riding style. Have a close call when I hit some whoops style sections and back suspension is still compressed when I hit the second lip where it springs out, which hits me pretty hard in an attempt to fling me over the front of the handlebars.

5 Performance tests! KTM 790 adventure R, 0-100, 0-60, Top Speed, Braking, 100-150, Speedo overread

We do 5 Performance tests on the KTM 790 Adventure R. Acceleration from stand still and rolling acceleration, top speed runs, brake tests and comparing GPS to speedometer. All acceleration and top speed tests are done at 1753m(5751ft) ASL and will improve dramatically if done at sea level.

Stress Relief - Off-Road Adv *Raw 790 Sound*

As usual, the KTM 790 leaves a huge smile on my face. Fun outride with lots of raw, fulfilling exhaust notes, showing what this girl sounds like under pressure.

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